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Internet Advertisement Single Page Package

Just get the message out there.

Suitable for classifieds, new products, small business start-ups and poster like pages including ads. Just get the message out there as quickly as possible and still be on a platform that will allow you to grow.

This product is ready 24 hours after sign-up is complete. Additional fees apply for ‘on the fly’ creation.

Set-up $180.00 BBD
Annually $200.00 BBD
Add any number of pages


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Small WebsiteThree Page Package

When you finally get that new product, service or event off the ground, and you need to grow at a controlled rate, whilst having the basic web services needed for any business or organisation. The ‘Business Basics’ package is suitable. Also, when you are more sure of the areas that you would like to expand in, but have not yet established detailed business processes, use this package for your basic products and services.

Show your customers or members that you are serious about your service, by displaying a professional website with business email and easily understood pages.

Set-up $360.00 BBD
Annually $250.00 BBD
Add any number of pages


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Expanded Website Five Page Package

Interested in having an easy to understand web site, or downloads, uploads, blogs, forums, newsletter, community etc, but on a platform that can expand to enterprise level at any time? The business engine is for more established small businesses that have refined there businesses processes, and are now ready to reach out via the internet or refurbish an old web site.

Refurbish An old web site

Have an old web site? We will take that information from the old site, update it, get a new layout and place it on a new server with faster loading speeds.

We can also add features that you did not have before, like the ability to add and edit content yourself, additional emails and email space, photo gallery, other domain names and websites etc.

You can even show us a website design you like from browsing the internet, or buy a web template and have us edit, upload an host it for you.

Set-up $700.00 BBD
Annually $300.00 BBD
Add any number of pages


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CorporateUnlimited Resources

Becoming part of your IT department ....

Publications, Communities listenership, member management

If you have a large readership or user base, you will be placed on a bigger platform. This does not necessarily mean more cost, but it focuses on a modular approach to resources. One that allows an increase in cost only for the segment or function that is growing. Its like having each feature as a separate service on a separate server in one payment plan.

Services, Features Applications

  • Web server
  • Mail Server
  • Mailing List Server
  • Database Server
  • File Server with CDN
  • Content Management System
  • Customer Relation Management System
  • Independent Support Ticketing System
  • Streaming Server
  • Find an application, an we can install it or an alternative for you on a web server


Set-up starting at $2200.00 BBD
Quarterly starting at $150.00 BBD
Add any number of pages


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Help Not Sure of What Size Your Site Should Be?

Your web site conveys general information that is normally given out to walk-ins, and persons that make contact via phone or by email. It also includes any brochure information, registration forms, application forms etc. What is different, is that whilst on the web site, this data can be altered more frequently and be accessed at any time by the user.

Hence you should gather your ‘public offerings’ already in use by your business or organisation; and you will be guided on the suitable web package to use.